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Weight maintenance refers to keeping your current (target) weight reasonably constant. This can be achieved when the number of calories (kilojoules) that you eat is equal to the number of calories (kilojoules) your body uses.

Energy In (Food) = Energy Out (Basal Metabolic Rate + Activity) => body weight remains stable.

However, for most people, weight maintenance means weighing within 1 to 2 kg of their current (target) weight. The weight on the scale can fluctuate even when you have reached your target weight and there are a number of reasons for this:

NOTE: This calculator is meant to be an estimate only. Actual calories needed to maintain weight may vary by as much as 10 per cent, based on muscle mass, activity and metabolism. If you are carrying an excessive amount of body fat, your actual calories calculated may be less accurate. This is because only a small percentage of fat tissue actually burns calories as compared to muscle. The weight figure does not distinguish between muscle and fat.

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