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What Kind Of Dieter Are You?

Do you know your eating style? Knowing how you eat can help you to overcome bad habits and develop new, healthy ones. Take this test to determine your eating style.

  1. You've slept in. It's 7.30 am and you've got to be on the bus by 7.45 am. Your stomach is rumbling. What do you do?

    Grab a coffee and a muffin on the way
    Grab an apple and a banana from the fruit bowl and eat them on the way
    Forget about breakfast altogether
    Polish off a bowl of Cornflakes and some toast and miss your bus

  2. It's your colleague's birthday and, after a round of 'happy birthday', you're offered a piece of cake. Do you take it?

    Yes, but you'll skip lunch to make up for it
    No, you've already had some fruit for morning tea
    Yes, even though you've already had an apple Danish earlier in the morning
    Yes and you'll eat lunch as well, even though you're not hungry

  3. You're having a really busy time at work with more deadlines than you know what to do with. What do you have for lunch?

    Lunch what's that?
    A snack at your desk
    You go out with colleagues and polish off a large serving of fettuccini
    You go to the park for a break and take your homemade lunch with you

  4. It's the end of the working day and you're starving! What are you going to do about it?

    Pick up a snack on the way home from work
    Ignore the hunger it will go away
    Grab a take-away on the way home
    Eat a healthy, home-made meal or low-calorie snack when you get home

  5. You've just cooked a lovely dinner for you and your family. Where are you going to eat it?

    In front of the TV
    On the run you've got too much to do to sit still
    At the dinner table
    Close to the kitchen so that you can go back for more

  6. How would you describe your eating style?

    You wolf down your food because you're starving
    You eat slowly, carefully chewing every bite and stopping when you are full
    You shove food in quickly, often using your fingers and often standing up
    You always clean your plate

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