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Interactive Tools

The safest and most effective pace for your heart to be beating during exercise is at 50-85 percent of its maximum capacity. This calculator provides you with an approximate target range for your heart rate during exercise, based on this recommendation.

Target Heart Rate Calculator

Please enter you age: years

Please enter you resting heart rate: bpm

How to measure your resting heart rate:

  1. Have a watch or the clock on your computer handy to measure one minute.
  2. Locate your pulse either on your neck or your wrist. You want to measure your pulse with two fingers, not your thumb as your thumb has a pulse of its own. If you are measuring your pulse on your neck, don't press too hard as you may block the flow of blood to your brain.
  3. Start at the count of zero. Count for one full minute and record your reading.

Important Note
This tool is not applicable to children; the maximum heart rate in healthy children is about 200 beats per minute, and unless there is just medical cause, there is no need to arbitarily limit the heart rate of a healthy child.