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Interactive Tools

Use these great tools, calculators and guides to make learning about nutrition and weight control more interactive. Don't forget our most popular tool of all, our amazing food database search!

Body Mass Index

Body mass index (BMI) is used to estimate your best weight range for your health. more

Waist:Hip Ratio

Waist circumference has been recommended as a simple and practical measure for identifying overweight and obese people. more

Child's Body Mass Index

Body mass index can determine if a child is obese. A child or adolescent's body mass index (BMI) is calculated differently from adults. more

Child's Adult Height

Parents often have questions about how tall their kids will be. Use this calculator to give you an estimate of what it could be. more

Weight Maintenance Calories

This calculator determines your estimated number of daily calories you require to maintain your current weight. more

Target Heart Rate

The calculator estimates your heart rate zone required for you to get the best possible fitness benefits. Try to maintain your heart rate within this zone for 30 minutes or more per exercise session. more

Exercise Calories

Ever wanted to know how the number of calories you use up doing a range of activities for the time you spend doing them? This calculator will work out the number of calories you burn for the number of minutes you are doing the activity. more

Exercise Times

Ever wondered how long would it take you to use up the calories in the food you have just eaten or are about to eat? This calculator will automatically work out the time you need to spend working off that number of calories for a range of different activities. more

Exercise Step Equivalence

Use this calculator to find out the number of steps you would need to take to burn the equivalent calories of an exercise workout. more

Health and Nutrition Quizzes

Test you health and nutrition knowledge with these quizzes. more

Weight Loss - Members Only

Use this tool to see how the way you are eating is affecting your weight loss/gain. more

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