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BeforeAfterAn old school friend said to Sandy "Wow, you haven't changed a bit." Sandy says she feels fantastic and that she's brimming with confidence!
Sandy lost 20 kg
Start Weight85 kgCurrent Weight65 kgHeight168cm

What were your weight-control goals?

My real goal was to start living a healthy active life. I struggled with low self esteem, although on the outside it would not have appeared that way and I wanted back the confidence in my appearance that I had as a teenager.

What motivated you to lose weight?

Living overweight for 15yrs actually taught me that there was more to me than the looks I had as a teenager. It took some time but you learn to like other things about yourself. After leaving a job I had had for 10yrs and found that my skills were sort after, I was receiving praise for something other than my looks. I learned to love myself again and in turn decided that I deserved to look good again. I wanted to look good again.

What was your weight-loss method?

CalorieKing all the way!! I started a group fitness class and after 3mths had lost nothing. So I went looking for an eating plan that was flexible enough for my lifestyle and my family. CalorieKing was the answer. I started keeping track of what I was eating and started to enjoy learning about the right types of foods to eat and when. The biggest thing for me was reducing the calories I ate in the evenings.

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What were some obstacles you encountered while losing weight?

With my husband away with work a lot and my daughter now 15 and looking after herself a lot more, I didn't have the excuse "Couldn't find time" I enjoyed the social aspect of the group fitness class and picked up walking a few times a week. Social occasions were difficult but I planned around them. Either eating before I went and not eating there or ensuring I reduced my calorie intake in the days leading up to and after the event.

What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?

Stick with it! Make small changes that are sustainable and don't be in a rush to reach that end target. Lossing weight is about changing your eating habits forever. Reducing what you eat in the evenings will help and remember if you go to bed hungry, you wake up lighter!

How do you feel now that you've lost weight?

I feel fantastic. I am brimming with confidence. After posting a recent photo on my facebook page I received a comment from an old school friend. "That photo brings back memories." They thought the photo was taken during our days at school. "Wow, you havn't changed a bit." was another. Little do they really know.

How have the products or services offered by helped you to lose weight?

I found it really easy to enter what I was eating each day. I would sit with CalorieKing in the morning while having breakfast and plan what I was going to be eating that day. This way I could ensure that I was eating the right amounts at the right time. I used the meal plans but only as a guide and for suggestions when I was getting bored. I loved being able to keep track of my weight and after a couple of months could see a pattern in my weight lose. This really helped on those weeks when I didn't see results.

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