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BeforeAfterAfter losing 22 kilos Ashleigh's asthma and immune system have improved and her headaches and migraines are far less frequent. "I am happier, more confident and more in control of my life. I never was slim in my whole life and I truly never thought I would make it, but I did and so can YOU!"
Ashleigh lost 21.9 kg
Start Weight71.9 kgCurrent Weight50 kgHeight157cm

What were your weight-control goals?

I was young and I felt bad about myself, I was getting unhealthy, migraines, feeling tired and run-down. I wanted to look good and get my weight under control before it got too hard.

What motivated you to lose weight?

Not feeling healthy and feeling sick and tired, seeing photos of myself and realizing that I was only 20 and getting close to obese on the BMI chart.

What was your weight-loss method?

I exercised for the first time in my life, I was always the kid at school that wanted to hide when it was sport time and because I always lacked skills when playing sport I never thought I would enjoy exercise. I joined a gym and went nearly every day, I started off doing just cardio and then as I got fitter and more addicted to exercise I added in weights. I also used the CalorieKing diary and recorded what I ate every day for about 18 months. I stopped snacking all the time and once I became aware of how much calories where in some foods, it started to put me off. Today I still feel sick when I eat really unhealthy foods and find myself craving fresh fruits and vegetables.

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What were some obstacles you encountered while losing weight?

The temptations around me, my sister bringing home fast food and me thinking 'It's not fair, why can't I have some too?'. Money was also an issue as I am a student so it was hard to find money to pay for gym membership and healthy food options when out and about are always so much more expensive than the unhealthy food.

What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?

I really feel that unhealthy food is addictive, especially take-aways and the more you have it the more you have a craving for it, so see if you can stop just for a little while to break the habit and then you will find that you lose the taste for it, when you try it again. Try, try, try to keep up with the exercise. At one stage all I was doing was walking for half an hour a day and that helped me, so don't get discouraged and feel overwhelmed by other peoples exercise achievements, a small amount does help. Something is always better than nothing. I never was slim in my whole life, I was always a bit bigger from a child and I truly never thought I would make it, but I did and if I did so can YOU!

How do you feel now that you've lost weight?

Happier, more confident, more in control of my life and most importantly, I am so much healthier that I am off medications I needed. My asthma and immune system have improved, headaches and migraines are far less frequent.

How have the products or services offered by helped you to lose weight?

I used the forums a lot at one stage, it was so motivating to chat to other people who understood. I also used the forums whenever I was feeling lazy and hearing everyone's exercise achievements made me get myself moving. The diary was also invaluable as it was so easy to enter information and have the amounts all recorded for you, much easier than using a book and pen and paper which is too time consuming.

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