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BeforeAfterWade is over half way towards reaching his goal weight and his weight is about to decrease to double digits for the first time since 1993
Wade lost 17 kg
Start Weight117 kgCurrent Weight100 kgHeight188cm

What are your weight-control goals?

To lose as much of my excess body fat as possible (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to lose it all thanks to my genes) and gain muscle strength and muscle size to make an active lifestyle easy to maintain.

What is your motivation for losing weight?

I started off just wanting to be able to buy clothes from normal shops, rather than only having Target's and KMart's XXXL and higher options to choose from. Now, as the weight comes off and I look back at photos and see how big I was, I just want to lose more.

I lived a very inactive and unhealthy lifestyle for about 15 years since giving up skateboarding and getting into cars in my late teens. I’m probably more active than I’ve ever been and I feel great. I know if I keep going I’m only going to feel better.

What is your weight-loss method?

Do something active every day, whether it be the gym; a ride around town or through some mountain bike tracks; or Frisbee ® /football in the park with friends. I even picked up a skateboard again until it threw me on the ground – I just don’t bounce like I used to....ouch.

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What obstacles have you encountered while losing weight?

I actually found friends and family an obstacle simply because they support you no matter what – it didn’t matter how big I got they always told me I wasn’t fat; I was just a big guy; you could lose a couple of kgs if you want but you don’t need to. That then becomes the soundtrack you cling to when things get tough – maybe I am trying for no reason, maybe I’m just meant to be this way, we’re not all supposed to look the same.

For me, I wish people had have been brutally honest many moons ago, slapped the burger out of my hand and dragged me kicking and screaming out of HJ’s, threw a salad at me and yelled “eat this fatty”. I know that won’t work for everyone though! Other than that, I still struggle with my knees and ankles, too many years carrying extra weight with no muscle to help, so going for a run is not an option for me really – it’s all low impact cardio for me.

What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?

I would recommend seeking some advice from a dietitian if you really believe you’re doing everything right and are still not seeing the results you think you should be. I thought I had it down pat, had my meals planned out, all healthy stuff including morning and afternoon teas, but I had my balance of fats/protein/carbs all wrong. It took me 12 months to lose 17kg (granted I lost some motivation in the middle of that 12 months) and I lost the last 7kg since February. I already had the motivation, the right activity level, so by using CalorieKing to monitor my calorie intake – the right food made all the difference for me.

How do you feel now that you're achieving success?

Relieved would probably be the best way to describe it! I can beat myself up pretty badly when I fail, so after seriously trying for so long and getting nowhere I had basically killed the little bit of self esteem I had. So now that I’m having a win almost every week I’ve stopped the emotional self-mutilation....thank god! Physically though, I feel a million dollars, I don’t break into a sweat dragging myself out of bed in the middle of winter, I don’t need to groan to get off the couch (the few times I stop to sit on it) and I don’t feel the need to drive around the carpark 10 times looking for the closest spot to the door.

How have the products or services offered by helped you to lose weight?

I use CalorieKing every day, just to make sure the meals I put together from my eating plan still have the right balance of fat, protein and carbs. Trying to make that graph go down at every weekly weigh in has also been extra motivation. There’s probably not much on here I haven’t used to help me – the lessons, recipes, other users' blogs.....


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