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BeforeAfter"CalorieKing helped me immensely. I can't thank you enough!," Lisa, CalorieKing member and mother to two young children.
Lisa lost 10 kg
Start Weight72 kgCurrent Weight62 kgHeight163cm

What were your weight-control goals?

To record all my food intake so that I am aware of how many calories per day I am eating.

What motivated you to lose weight?

My children. I had two in two years and I felt that I needed more energy.  I wanted to have more get up and go.

What was your weight-loss method?

I eat wholesome food that keeps me staying full for longer. If I really feel like eating something just for the taste of it, I don't deny myself - I just have a small amount of it.

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What were some obstacles you encountered while losing weight?

I did find it hard to exercise the way I would have liked. My lifestyle only really allowed me to walk a lot. But, in fact, the amount of walking I did really helped me to lose weight.  I bought a CalorieKing pedometer from the online shop, which helped me to calculate my net calories for each day.

What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?

*Stay focussed.
* Never let yourself go hungry.
*Always remember that today is a new day. If you had a bad day yesterday then just let it go - recognise it and move forward.

How do you feel now that you've lost weight?

I feel reborn! :)

How have the products or services offered by helped you to lose weight?

CalorieKing helped me immensely. I can't thank you enough! For the first few months I recorded every meal, every snack: everything! That taught me about my eating habits as well as giving me an understanding of the types of foods I should be eating. I stopped using the online Food and Exercise Diary when I felt I was educated enough to make my own decisions without weighing and recording my food.

I have managed to maintain my loss as well as to keep losing weight. I still record my weight every check-in day to keep myself on track and to get to know my cycles of losing weight.

This is the best website I have EVER used. Thanks again :)

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