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BeforeAfterDiana used to have back pain and had to take medication for it. After losing 15 kilos, she's reduced her medication.

Diana says another bonus of losing weight is being able to fit into nice clothes. She can now walk into a clothing store knowing that she'll fit into the trendy clothes on offer.
Diana lost 15 kg
Start Weight104 kgCurrent Weight89 kgHeight169cm

What are your weight-control goals?

Initially, I wanted to lose enough weight so my back wouldn't hurt anymore and so I'd feel good about myself. But as time went on, I realised that if I lost weight I could wear nice clothes. That was an added incentive to continue with my weight-loss program.

What is your motivation for losing weight?

The more weight I lose, the better I feel. I also need less pain medication now. And because of the amount of weight I've lost so far, I'm finally able to shop for clothes that are fashionable. I look good, if I do say so myself!

What is your weight-loss method?

I go to the gym three to four times a week. I also keep a food diary. For me, it is important to keep track of what I am eating and to weigh my food as my eyes tend to see everything in small portions, instead of the large portions I am actually eating.

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What obstacles have you encountered while losing weight?

My biggest obstacle is my own mind. As long as I keep that in check, nothing or no-one else will get in my way and stop me from getting in shape and from being all that I can be!

What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?

*Never give up! Even if you have had a bad day, just get back on track and keep going - this is a lifestyle, not that nasty four letter word (diet). *Find support, and as much support as you can - whether it be from the CalorieKing website, chat rooms, people at the gym, or just a friend. It is invaluable to have a place where you can let out all your stress and where you can confide your fears.

How do you feel now that you're achieving success?

I feel amazing and I feel like I can achieve anything I want! Achieving success in weight loss has inspired and encouraged me to achieve goals in other areas of my life. I'm now learning to surf!

How have the products or services offered by helped you to lose weight?

I don't think I would have come this far without my trusty Pocket Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter books - yes I have two of them, one for home and one in the car for travelling. They have shown me the importance of weighing my food, so I can see what a portion size really looks like. The Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter books have also shown me just how many calories are really in those quick snack-foods that I used to buy (thinking I was doing the right thing). So thank you.


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