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Susan lost 16 kg
Start Weight112 kgCurrent Weight95.8 kgHeight173cm

What are your weight-control goals?

My goal is to be fit, healthy and active to the end of my life, and to overcome the internal obstacles to being all that I can be.

What is your motivation for losing weight?

I was concerned about my health and my family's health. We were largely inactive and ate too much fat in our diet. My daughter (14 at the time) joined the gym with me and I enrolled my son (11) into a Forever Active program that operates twice a week. My husband joined after taking Nic to the gym a few days a week. Now that we're all going, I'm more motivated than ever before. I don't want my children to struggle with their weight all their lives as my husband and I have, and I know that we are their role models. If we stop, they will, and I want exercise and good health to be a part of their lives.

My personal motivation is to be happy, healthy, fit and active - I don't want my old age to be a life of depression, pain and inactivity, and I know that it's a choice for me.

What is your weight-loss method?

I joined a fantastic gym last August and work out three times a week. The gym gives me a new program every 8 weeks that pushes my strength and fitness to help me achieve my goals. Every workout is about 90 minutes. I walk with my dogs every other day for about 45 minutes. The gym ran a course on healthy eating that got my calories from fats, proteins and carbohydrates into an appropriate balance and CK helped me to keep an accurate food and exercise diary. There aren't any secrets, just resolve and hard work.

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What obstacles have you encountered while losing weight?

Social situations are hardest, especially when I drink alcohol. I have given up alcohol in my daily life because it takes away my resolve and gives me too many empty calories.

What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?

Make your health and fitness a priority. I refuse to take on extra work if it means I can't maintain my exercise regimen. Consequently, my mental health has improved and I'm not working more than I can deal with. Exercise is essential. Join a supportive gym that is genuinely interested in helping you to achieve your goals and keeping you active. Pay attention to nutrition. Having been on many diets, WeightWatchers, etc, etc, I've found the key lies in the balance of nutrients and calories as well as portion size.

How do you feel now that you're achieving success?

I feel empowered and am beginning to enjoy clothes shopping. I started at a size 20-22, and can now wear a 14-16 (depending on the brand). I am really proud of my whole family and that my actions have had a positive impact on all of them.

How have the products or services offered by helped you to lose weight?

The Food and Exercise Diary has been especially helpful and is a part of my daily routine.


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