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Lesley lost 15 kg
Start Weight97 kgCurrent Weight82 kgHeight162cm

What are your weight-control goals?

To be a size 10 and 70kg max as I was 16 years ago. To be fit and able to run again. To reduce my genetically high cholesterol to near normal levels by a high fibre, low saturated fat diet and exercise.

What is your motivation for losing weight?

My GP warned me in May 2005 that I could be dead in six months if my health did not improve drastically. I was a size 20 and 102Kg and very unhealthy at 57 years of age. I want to enjoy my husband's and my retirement in rural Tasmania for many years. I loved bushwalking and wanted to enjoy that again. I wanted to prove that almost-destroyed muscles CAN be regenerated with good nutrition, exercise and weight loss. I cannot take any cholesterol lowering medication and I HAD to lower my cholesterol by natural means. I was sick of being asthmatic due to being unfit and overweight and I am now off all medication, to my relief.

What is your weight-loss method?

I read up on the CK University and printed the sheets out weekly so I could go back to them. This has helped during plateau periods. I started weighing all my food and entered it into the diary to keep a note of calories. I read food labels and looked for products with lower sodium and saturated fats. I changed recipes to lower sodium/fat ingredients and watched that my nutrients were at correct percentages and nutrient-dense. I cut out all alcohol except for 100mL of wine with dinner, until I reached 85Kg and now limit it to one drink a week with friends. It's the lowest calorie drink I could find and enjoy. I factored in treats each day so I did not crave chocolate or sweets. I set up a fluid grid on my fridge and marked off ALL fluid drank each day. It's amazing how little water I drank at first but I forced myself to have at least 1.5L of water daily plus tea, herbal tea and orange juice with breakfast. I made sure I had a nutritious breakfast every day and factored in supper each evening, as I slept better after a small supper. I packed picnic lunches and snacks for days out and for days I worked. I gradually increased my slow 1km walk to a faster walk with hand weights, then increased my walking distance every week. After 6 weeks I started a weight circuit in my bedroom 4 evenings a week, gradually increasing the dumbbell weights. I bought a step and started doing some step movements to warm up before weights. I then bought a mountain bike and gradually increased the time and distance, and then included pilates and yoga into my exercise program. As I got fitter after 8 months, I purchased Jillian Michael's and Jeanette Jenkins' exercise DVDs and did them on alternate nights to the weight circuit with yoga or pilates as my rest day each week. I live far too far away from a gym and ALL my exercise is done at home alone, except for bushwalking with my husband. I started a running program after Christmas for 5.5km, gradually increasing my running intervals and lowering my walk intervals. I also started race-walking again for 2km two afternoons a week. I completed Craves 2006 Blitz at Christmas and treated myself to an elliptical trainer which I now use as a warm up for 15 to 20 minutes for my weight circuit, which now also includes 2 pulley systems I purchased in January 2007.

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What obstacles have you encountered while losing weight?

I was on statins for a number of years until it was found they were destroying my muscles. My GP at first thought I had rheumatoid arthritis as I was in such pain and could hardly walk or lift anything. My husband said I looked like a little old lady hobbling off the train in an evening. The family were worried I would make my prognosis worse as I was also very asthmatic at the start of CK.

What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?

Age is a number and only you know the many excuses for not losing weight, exercising and getting fit and healthy are just that, excuses. I have proved to my GP that I could turn my life around and so can those my age and especially those younger than me. It is up to you to do this for yourself. I did it when many younger than me have given up. What you put in your mouth is your decision, no-one forces you to eat junk food. Nutritious food is healthy and delicious.

How do you feel now that you're achieving success?

I have another 10kg to get to my goal, and I will see whether that is my ultimate goal when I reach it. I am energised, fit and healthy. I have lowered my cholesterol from 10.5 to 8 in 8 months and await the results in June. I feel glad that I no longer need asthma medication. I feel able to pick nutritious food and organise balanced meals that my husband likes too, but know I can have treats. I can walk into normal clothes shops now and fit easily into a size 14 and look good. I know that size 12 and then size 10 IS achievable. I am strong, fit and motivated!

How have the products or services offered by helped you to lose weight?

The diary helped me to keep on track with calories nutrients, fluid and exercise. The CK University taught me about nutrition, exercise, motivation and my former excuses. The forums helped me through the many great friendships I have made. Some members, and they know who they are, have been my rock during the hard times. The challenges have challenged me to do better. My blog has helped me to get negative thoughts out of my system and the comments on it have inspired me to do better and know there are caring people here at CK. Other peoples' blogs have shown me they have the same hopes and fears and spurred me on in that i am not alone. This is a work still in progress.


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