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Sensible eating and exercise made the difference to Petra's way of life. Are you ready to change your lifestyle? Find out how Petra went about it.

Petra lost 13 kg

What were your weight-control goals?

At first, I just wanted to get to 65 kilos by Christmas. That would give me a BMI of 25. Then, as I realised I could be thinner, I reset my goal to 58 kilos. That is right in the middle of my healthy-weight range.

What motivated you to lose weight?

Several things: I looked at a photo of me dressed as Rod Stewart and thought 'Where the heck has my neck gone?' ; the shock of realising I was size 20 and rising; that I looked old; and seeing my scales register that I weighed as much as I had when I was two weeks overdue with my second child. I also really hated having such a fat face.

What was your weight-loss method?

At first I just cut the amount of calories I consumed. When I reached my first plateau I lowered my carbs and increased my protein. I also started doing what I call Clayton’s exercise. I don’t have time with three small kids to do too much structured exercise so I park further from my destination, I take stairs, I go for a walk after tea and I started a belly dance class. I also set short-term goals. At the moment a group of us are doing 65 crunches for 65 days.

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What were some obstacles you encountered while losing weight?

My family and friends have been really supportive. My biggest obstacle is me. I was a binger and addicted to sugary food and cups of tea. I really had to consider the pleasure of eating anything and everything, versus the pleasure of becoming healthy through sensible eating and exercise. Ironically, eating gives me far more pleasure now than it ever did before.

What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?

This time I have stayed on track because I really examined the reasons I overate. Both emotionally and also any physical triggers. There are still foods I cannot eat because they set me looking for more food. This is getting better though.

Also I average things. First my calories. One day I might eat 1200, the next two days 1100 and the day after that 1600. I don’t miss any social occasions doing this and I think it is more the way a thin person eats. That is, different things every day.

I also look at my average weight loss. If I am averaging around a .7 weight loss that is good. That means if I have a 2 kilo loss one week and a .5 gain the next I don’t need to worry. When I feel my weight loss is stagnating I look at what my weight was a month ago and if the average loss is there it is fine. If it isn’t I reassess what I am doing and make adjustments.

I also make a point to only ever eat food I enjoy. I figure if I decide to splurge what would be the point of wasting 1000 calories on a bland hamburger meal when I could be eating a delicious steak, fish or pasta dish? I don’t eat other people’s leftovers any more either. I have put a lot of tips on what has helped me and a weekly diary, up at my website,

How do you feel now that you've lost weight?

Physically - fantastic. I am much more comfortable with my body. I can cross my legs, climb fences, run even. The best thing is that I sleep so much better. Now I don’t drink tea my insomnia has gone and because I am smaller, I don’t snore as much and I don’t take up as much room in my bed.

Mentally - I can look people in the eye and know that they are not thinking "Good grief, she’s got fat!" I no longer mind running into people who used to know me when I was thin. The after photo shown here is of me with a nine kilo loss. Now I have lost 13 kilos people are really starting to notice.

How have the products or services offered by helped you to lose weight?

The forums have been fantastic. Other members are always there with support when needed. I can log on any time and vent or boast as need be. staff are quick to answer my most embarrassing or silly questions in a tactful and helpful manner. The exercise program is terrific. I use it as a way to check that I am doing everything correctly and to record my progress. The Info Centres are the first place I look when I need advice and if the information isn’t there or I need clarification, I know that the CalorieKing staff will be happy to answer my query.

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