ControlMyWeight™ – Calorie Counter

The fast, simple
calorie counter app

The iPhone app that helps you achieve
your weight loss goals.

How ControlMyWeight™ helps:

  • Sets realistic weight loss goals.
  • Provides calorie targets that ensure healthy weight loss.
  • Keeps track of how many calories are in the foods you eat.
  • Tracks how many calories you burn through exercise.
  • Gives accurate verified nutritional information.
  • Records and charts your weight and progress.
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Verified food data

When searching for a food on our calorie counter app; you'll be given a single, accurate, verified calorie result. This makes adding food much faster, easier and more reliable than similar apps.

Save your recipes

Saving recipes allows you to see how many calories are in your favourite home-cooked meals. It also saves you time in the future because you don't have to add each ingredient all over again.

Track your progress

Seeing is believing! Not only does the app count your calories, it also keeps track of your weight and visualises your progress with beautiful, easy-to-read graphs.

ControlMyWeight™ does not currently sync with the CalorieKing website.

International: USA | Australia