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  • 30th December 2008: Is Lap-Band Surgery Right for You?
  • 17th December 2008: Can Hypnosis Help with Weight Loss?
  • 11th December 2008: Do You Want to Be Slimmer and Healthier? Walk the Dog
  • 19th November 2008: Is a Tummy Tuck for You?
  • 27th October 2008: Lose Weight Faster - Walk with a Pedometer
  • 14th October 2008: Feel Fantastic and Lose Weight Faster - Fall in Love with Healthy Food
  • 29th September 2008: How Can You Keep the Kilos Off for Good?
  • 17th September 2008: Complementary Medicines for Weight Loss - Good for Your Waist or Just Good Money Wasters?
  • 3rd September 2008: How Can You Overcome Barriers to Exercise?
  • 19th August 2008: Top 10 Tips to Love Your Exercise
  • 5th August 2008: Easy Winter Workouts
  • 11th June 2008: What You Must Know About Type 2 Diabetes and Children
  • 28th January 2008: The Benefits of Exercising with your Pals
  • 14th January 2008: Tips for Drinking Smart on Australia Day
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