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Clever Cooking: Your guide to adapting recipes

Once you get into the swing of it, making healthy food choices is easy. This guide will help you adapt your favourite recipes and make the right choices with the food you eat.

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How to reduce fat

Fat in the diet is essential for good health. However, too much fat can contribute to you being overweight, developing heart disease and some cancers. On average, Australians consume around 50 percent more fat than is considered healthy.

When adapting recipes, you can use the same quantity of a low-fat ingredient to replace a high-fat ingredient – and save on calories and fat. You can also prepare and cook foods in ways that reduce fat content.



Full cream milk

Skim milk


Low-fat yoghurt


Skim evaporated milk
Low-fat ricotta cheese blended with skim milk

Coconut milk/cream

Low-fat coconut milk

Low-fat evaporated milk with coconut essence

Sour cream

Low-fat natural yoghurt
Low-fat ricotta cheese blended with low-fat yoghurt

Cream cheese

Low-fat cream cheese

Low-fat ricotta cheese

Cheddar cheese

Use low-fat varieties in smaller servings
Use 1 Tbsp of parmesan cheese to replace half a cup of full-fat cheddar cheese as it has a stronger flavour, so you need less


Remove the skin
Control portion sizes (100g, uncooked, per person without bones, 200 g with bones)


Trim all visible fat
Choose lean cuts
Control portion sizes (100 g, uncooked, per person)


Trim off all the fat
Use lean ham or mid-eye bacon instead
Use 97 per cent fat-free varieties

Butter, margarine

Choose low-fat spreads

Use apple puree in baking to keep cakes moist


Cooking spray

Use apple puree in baking to keep cakes moist


Low-fat natural yoghurt
Low-fat or no-fat mayonnaise

How to reduce sugar

It’s not a sin to occasionally enjoy sugary foods. The problem is that Australians consume, on average, around 40 kg of refined sugar each year, or some 22 teaspoons everyday. Only 25 percent is added sugar. The rest is hidden in processed food products such as soft drinks, confectionery, biscuits, cakes, sauces, canned fruits, icecream, jelly and breakfast cereals.

On average, sugar contributes an extra 440 calories each day – enough to make the difference between a person being normal or overweight. Reduce sugar in your cooking and save calories!



Sugar - white or raw

Artificial sweeteners in a liquid or powder form
Reduce sugar in recipes by half.

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