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Aqua Activities - Get Fit in Water!

Bored of jogging or lifting weights? Take the plunge and trying a water-based activity!


Exercising in water is a great way to get fit. The water supports your body, letting you work hard while protecting your joints from impact-related injuries. The extra support you get also means that water activities are suitable if you have an existing injury, if you're just starting out with exercise, or you're pregnant.


As an added benefit, it can be soothing to exercise in water. As well as improving your fitness, you can leave the pool feeling relaxed and energised.


So get that swimsuit on, and read on to learn more about the different water activities that you can try.

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Water walking

If you're tired of walking around the block, why not try walking in water? The extra resistance will provide extra work for your legs, abdominal and lower back muscles. Many people simply walk up and down the length of their local pool but you could also try walking through the water at the beach.


If you want to vary your routine, add a few different steps. Lower your torso to waist (or chest) level in the water, bend your knees and lengthen your stride for long lunges. Or why not try wide side steps, or walking backwards?


Try it today: Get your friends to join you at your local pool or beach -- you can catch up on all the latest gossip while you're walking up and down.

Running in water

You can run in shallow or deep water, depending on whether you want a high or low impact workout. Both types of exercise are great for cardiovascular fitness. Shallow water running has a higher impact level as it involves touching the floor of the pool. Deep water running is harder but has virtually no impact as you do not touch the floor of the pool. With deep water running, you may need a running belt to help you stay afloat.


Try it today: Visit your local pool and give both deep and shallow water running a go. If you need a running belt, ask the staff at the pool or visit a sports shop.


Aqua kick boxing

If you're looking for a high-impact way to alleviate stress in the water, try some kick boxing moves to get your heart rate up. Lunges, jumps and kicks will help to tone your butt, thigh and tummy. Try boxing the water with small, fast, tight punches or extend your arms for long-ranges punches.


Try it today: Experiment with your own moves, or enquire at leisure centres in your area for aqua kick boxing or body combat classes.

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