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8 Diet Myths Exposed

Will a grapefruit really shrink your waistline?

Some tips are helpful for weight loss, but some are just plain misleading. For example, a grapefruit for breakfast every morning will not solve your 10-kilos-too-many woes. 

Fine tune your weight-control knowledge by checking out the facts and fictions of these popular dieting tips.

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Myth: Skipping meals leads to weight loss

Start the day with a healthy breakfast

Ever met one of those people who repeatedly and proudly say: "I haven’t eaten anything all day. I skipped breakfast and lunch!" They probably think this translates to great self-control and slimmer thighs.

The short of it: It’s a proven fact that people who eat a nutritious breakfast are better-off in terms of health and weight than those who skip out. Erratic eating habits disrupt normal metabolic functions. When you don't eat for a long period (this can be hours, not days) your body thinks it’s starving and begins to slow down to conserve energy (calories) for future use. Your body is taken by surprise when you suddenly overload it, because it’s still in storage mode and can’t metabolise efficiently. The end result is that you become a fat-storing machine. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to be a fat-burning machine.

Prove your self-control by preparing a healthy breakfast every day of the week, instead of skipping it.

Myth: A little won't hurt

This is a popular phrase when it comes to foods like chips, cheesecake, chocolate, ice cream, or any other calorie-dense food that you think “just a little of” won’t hurt.

The short of it: Although portion size is a very important consideration when dieting, you have to remember that what’s in the portion also makes a difference. Just because it’s a small amount, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Chips are very high in fat and calories, and any of the nutritional qualities of the original potato are well-frazzled during the frying process. Choosing a baked jacket potato instead will fill you up as well as save you lots of calories and fat. Likewise, “just a sliver” of cheesecake or a “spoonful” of chocolate ice cream could cost you hundreds of calories each.

Another trap that “just a little” leads to is “just a little bit more.” You need to keep counting those calories to stay aware of what you’re eating and successfully control your weight.  

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