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6 Simple Steps to an Active Lifestyle

Be more active every day!

With today's hectic lifestyles many people now move less than ever - ironic, isn't it?

Sure, we're busy rushing around everywhere and we hardly feel "sedentary", but when you stop and think about your daily activities, most of that rushing around is done, well, on your butt: Sitting in your car, sitting in a meeting, sitting in front of your computer, sitting on the side lines watching your kids play sport... you get the point!

But who really has time to exercise? Wait a second, didn't you just take the lift, or use your TV remote? You just missed some perfect chances to grab yourself some extra exercise.

Having an active lifestyle is as simple as making active choices, and the more you make them the more automatic they become, until you're taking the stairs without even giving it a second thought. And that's good news for your health, heart, and waistline!

Want some easy how-to ideas? Read on.

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Work it!

Just add sneakers and walk to work

Instead of thinking of your commute to work as a drag, get your job working for you - working for your weight loss, that is! Rather than driving to work, try walking, riding your bike or rollerblading, or park the car a few blocks away.

A brisk 15-minute walk to work and back each day means you'll make-up 2.5 hours of walking each week. Over a year, this adds up to an extra 130 hours of exercise, which burns around 30,000 - 35,000 calories! Simply swapping your car for your walking shoes could mean the difference between maintaining your weight and gaining a few extra kilos in the course of a year.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. If you have to wear dress shoes at work, carry your sneakers in your bag or leave them at work to change into when you get there.

Give someone else the best car park

Rather than going for the car bay closest to the shopping centre entrance or restaurant door, park the car further away and enjoy a bit of calorie-burning leg-stretching. Bonus points for not taking the car at all, and walking or cycling there instead.

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