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Nutritional Information

The Food Database holds the nutritional information for over 19,000 Australian generic and brand name foods (including fast-foods). There is a wide range of information available including calories, fat, fibre, protein and much, much more!

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Calories in Fruit - Frozen, Dried

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Fruit Snacks & Bars: Aldi
Fruit Snacks & Bars: Coles
Fruit Snacks & Bars: Fruit Wise
Fruit Snacks & Bars: Golden Days
Fruit Snacks & Bars: My Yummy Lunchbox
Fruit Snacks & Bars: Robern
Fruit Snacks & Bars: SPC
Fruit Snacks & Bars: Sunbeam
Fruit Snacks & Bars: Woolworths
Fruit, Glace/Crystallised: - Average All Brands -
Fruit, Glace/Crystallised: Buderim Ginger
Fruit, Glace/Crystallised: Charlesworth
Fruit, Glace/Crystallised: Robern
Fruit, Glace/Crystallised: Sunbeam
Fruit, Glace/Crystallised: Winn
Fruit, dried: - Average All Brands -
Fruit, dried: Aldi
Fruit, dried: Angas Park
Fruit, dried: Charlesworth
Fruit, dried: Fruit for Life
Fruit, dried: Happy Lab
Fruit, dried: Lite n' Easy
Fruit, dried: Loving Earth
Fruit, dried: McKenzies
Fruit, dried: Morlife
Fruit, dried: NuVitality
Fruit, dried: Nuts Galore
Fruit, dried: Ocean Spray
Fruit, dried: Robern
Fruit, dried: Robertsons
Fruit, dried: Sunbeam
Fruit, dried: Sunsweet
Fruit, dried: The Australian Superfood Co
Fruit, dried: Trident
Fruit, frozen: Aldi
Fruit, frozen: Creative Gourmet
Fruit, frozen: McCain
Fruit, frozen: Nanna's

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