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Nutritional Information

The Food Database holds the nutritional information for over 19,000 Australian generic and brand name foods (including fast-foods). There is a wide range of information available including calories, fat, fibre, protein and much, much more!

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Calories in Yoghurt

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Yoghurt: - Average All Brands -
Yoghurt: Aldi
Yoghurt: B-d Farm Paris Creek
Yoghurt: Barambah Organics
Yoghurt: Black Swan
Yoghurt: Bornhoffen
Yoghurt: Brownes
Yoghurt: CalciYum
Yoghurt: Casa
Yoghurt: Cheeky Cow
Yoghurt: Chobani
Yoghurt: Chris'
Yoghurt: Cocobella
Yoghurt: Coles
Yoghurt: Coyo
Yoghurt: Dairy Farmers
Yoghurt: Danone
Yoghurt: Dodoni
Yoghurt: EasiYo
Yoghurt: Evia
Yoghurt: Farmers Union
Yoghurt: Frosty Boy
Yoghurt: Gippsland Dairy
Yoghurt: Harvey Fresh
Yoghurt: Jalna
Yoghurt: King Island Dairy
Yoghurt: Liddells
Yoghurt: Lite n' Easy
Yoghurt: Macro (Woolworths)
Yoghurt: Moo Premium Yoghurt
Yoghurt: Mundella
Yoghurt: Nestle
Yoghurt: Nudie
Yoghurt: Pauls
Yoghurt: Procal
Yoghurt: Rachel's
Yoghurt: Riverina Fresh
Yoghurt: Roaming Cow
Yoghurt: Rokeby Farms
Yoghurt: Ski
Yoghurt: Springbrook
Yoghurt: Table of Plenty
Yoghurt: Tamar Valley
Yoghurt: The Coach House Dairy Co
Yoghurt: The Collective
Yoghurt: The Culture Co.
Yoghurt: The Greek Yoghurt Company
Yoghurt: The Margaret River Dairy Company
Yoghurt: Top Juice
Yoghurt: Vaalia
Yoghurt: West N Fresh
Yoghurt: Woolworths
Yoghurt: Yalla
Yoghurt: Yoplait
Yoghurt: eat.gourmet
Yoghurt: five:am

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