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THE SENSATIONAL SEVEN (Private) - 12WK Small Group Support Home


We believe in dedicated small group support.
We are willing to give this a go, because we believe in creating the BEST LIFE possible for ourselves, and we are hungry for ACHIEVING OUR DREAMS!

Okay, so we'll start small - but better nobody mess with us, because "we are on a mission", Ladies! :)

I'll send invites/message out to you to come join if you are reaaaally wanting to start with us and benefit from the small group support in reaching your personal goals - whatever they may be.

Please make sure you are able to, and willing to commit to the group - as it is such a shame when we get to know each other, open up and get some synergy going, and then people start needing to leave because they overcommitted or weren't really ready.
So please, I don't want you to feel disappointed down the track, neither do I want you to feel pressured here, either! :)

I personally have no real idea of what exactly to expect, as a group as this is only as great as the girls making up the group - and their dedication and commitment and willingness to be open/vulnerable and make mistakes.

Heck, today I toyed with the idea of it being Day 1 of the 12 week challenge....and so I go ahead and eat half the small jellybean packet the man at the pharmacy gave me this morning with my prescription!!! (The jelly beans came in a little Promo Pack with a magnet inside to promote the Pharmacy)...I did see the jelly beans in the packet, and one part of me inside goes --Ooooh, I don't eat those anymore!
Whilst another part goes ---Mmmmm, free jelly beans!!!! Good score!!!!

You know what it's like, right, ladies? :\
Okay, so please expect everyone to be totally human! :)
And we promise - we shall never judge each other!
Just encourage and allow each other and ourselves to explore this journey with all its ups and downs, and find the path to success for ourselves.

Peace to that!

Looking forward to chatting to you soon here!!!
And several ladies have put their hand up for Skype - whihc I think will be great to add - despite time differences - because we'll work something out even if it's once a week on the weekend.

You are worth it! So glad I'm going to get to know you.
I feel supported, "heard", warm and fuzzy already!

Take care!

Platypusgirl (Karina)

International: USA | Australia