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Outdoor Group Fitness - Step into Life Mitchell Park Home

Keeping fitter and healthier is a sure way to a longer life, and Step into Life® is an even better way to get into the habit of regular, enjoyable fitness training for people of all ages and all fitness levels.

We make maintaining your fitness & health easier, more fun...and you get to enjoy it with other like-minded people . Think about it...

Getting fit, with people like you, who prefer to train outdoors rather than being in a gym (an often intimidating and boring environment) is a really fun way to achieve the fitness levels you set - and achieve - with the help and encouragement of both your personal trainer and the other group members.

Our rapidly growing numbers of members throughout Australia really enjoy the non-intimidating, friendly and very supportive way that they get the benefits of a group and a personal fitness trainer to keep them focused. They are motivated, and exercise safely with the benefit of the social interaction that is so much part of Step into Life® membership.

The main appeal though, is being able to enjoy fitness training outdoors - and many of our members train against the background of some of Australia’s most stunning natural beauty.

Now, people all over Australia are enjoying greater fitness, leading fuller, healthier lives and are making new friends thanks to their local Step into Life® Group Outdoor Personal Training location.

As the leader in Group Outdoor Personal Training across Australia, with over 12 years of experience and locations all over Australia there’s sure to be a Step into Life® group that’s convenient for where you live or work, and if you’ve not experienced or enjoyed the benefits of Group Outdoor Personal Training you’re in for a really great surprise.

Take the first step to being fitter and healthier by joining your nearest Step into Life® group.

Do it Outdoors.

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