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HOME ABOUT US PRODUCTS RECIPES, ARTICLES & MORE COMMUNITY CLUB SUPPORT's mission is to provide the best information, tools and education to Australians to help them conquer their weight.

Our philosophy is simple:

  1. Provide the most relevant and accurate information to our users;
  2. Create the easiest-to-use tools to make it easy to use that information; and
  3. Educate our users on how to best use these tools and make lifelong changes.

We don't believe in fad dieting, diet pills or miracle solutions. We believe that reliable and proven weight management shouldn't be expensive, difficult to use or confusing. Our solutions are built with our in-house registered dietitians, not celebrities.

CalorieKing is the brainchild of Allan Borushek, registered dietitian and author of "Allan Borushek's Pocket Calorie & Fat Counter", Australia's best-selling calorie counter for over 30 years. was previously and was started in 1997. is now Australia's most popular independent food & nutrition information website*.

If you'd like to contact us about advertising, press or have a business development proposal please email us. If you have a question about one of our products or how to use it, go to our Support section.

* 2006 - Competitve Intelligence

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